Discover the Roots of the Lord’s Last Supper
Have you ever wondered why Jesus used bread and wine to talk about his sacrifice for us? Explore Jesus’ last Passover meal for yourself and find out!This sermonic demonstration of the ancient Passover Seder meal powerfully reveals the sacrificial ministry of Jesus as the Lamb of God, and uncovers the roots of the Christian communion, using the very elements God prescribed for the Seder itself. The 1-hour demonstration is an unforgettable journey through the “Last Supper,” which was, in fact, the Messiah’s last Passover Seder…until He returns!
Discover how this ancient holiday is GOOD NEWS for us today.

Omokoroa Peninsula Baptist Church
Settlers’ Hall
334 Omokoroa Road, Omokoroa
RSVP: Howard Cross at 027 737 4018