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Creation Ministry International

4 October 2020 10:00AM

Why is there death and suffering in the world? Many reject God on the basis that he must be a cruel god to allow the terrible events and suffering that we see in the world today. Could you answer this? Find out how you can use this question, and more, as a powerful tool to […]

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Child Rescue

19 July 2020 10:00am

CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND SLAVERY It’s a scourge on modern society. Millions of children around the world are trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation with little hope for freedom. We bring freedom. We shine a light in the darkness. Come and see how this organisation is committed to helping these vulnerable children all over the […]

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No Christmas Day formal worship

25 December 2019

There will be no Christmas Day worship this year Please remember to worship at home as you remember the birth of the Christ Child, come to save us all Christmas Advert 2019

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